Jewelry Inspiration: Jellyfish

Small children can be so vicious and we were no exception. When we spied a glob of white jello on the beach we would grab sticks and stones and tear it apart with glee. It was of course a moon jellyfish washed up on shore to die.

How could that blob be alive—that was more then we could believe although we loved watching them undulate through the Puget Sound waters.

At camp while lying on the floating docks we would watch the jellyfish and count them floating in their inky world.

We knew not to touch any colored jellyfish but the moon jellies were harmless and beautiful, the egg yolk jellies never seemed to land on the beach they were mysterious and odd.

Floating like giant broken eggs in the sea their yellow centers contrasting with the blue gray water.

So jellyfish and especially moon jellies, their name evocative and universal, are close to my northwest heart. The sky and the sea melding together in one perfect little creature floating in its water galaxy.

So I have made two jellyfish pieces so far and I know that more are to be made—a perfect way to use rainbow moonstone—that is the stone in the ring while the pendant has three seafoam tourmalines. I haven’t captured the movement of the jellies so there is always more to learn and try!