What touches me the most about the art of jewelry making is how much a piece of jewelry can mean to someone.  To make someone’s wedding ring or birthday present is a very special thing.  People have used my jewelry as special mementos or talismans. I feel very honored to be able to be part of these events in people’s lives.

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When I make a piece of jewelry, I try to use images that are evocative--my work often is what I call a story piece.  I carve my pieces from wax and then cast them into various metals.  I love combining gold and silver both for color combination and for the affordability of a piece. I consider myself a sculptor of miniatures. Many of my pieces also incorporate painting. I like my paintings to be a little ambiguous so viewers can bring their own experience into their interpretation of the work.  I do not want to tell my audience—I want them to find a personal meaning in each of my pictures.  I like a little mystery and surprise in my work. I like to merge the past and the present in my work.  I hope to present the wonder of the world. To view pieces currently available for sale, visit Proctor Art Gallery in the North End of Tacoma.

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